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At Robert’s Tile we understand the meaning of the word remodel. We have over 30 years of tile installation experience. When you come to us with your home remodeling plan we will strive to bring it to life right before your very eyes. Our passion is your project, so bring us your tiling ideas and we can help you flesh them out into a full blown model of what Robert’s Tile can do for you! We can help you take your remodeling ideas to the next level by showing you our vast array of choices when it comes to tiling your room. Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in the house, remember Robert’s Tile will get the job done right!

Tiling Services You Can Count On


At Robert’s Tile we sincerely love the work we do, and we believe customer satisfaction should be our number one concern. When you are getting your home remodeled no one’s opinion of the work is more important than yours. We work one on one with our clients to help them determine exactly what they want from their remodeling and from there we get to work! We pick out the tile, the pattern and the designated areas together, and we invite our clients to be present while the work is being done so they can make suggestions

More Than 20 Years in Home Remodeling


Our founder, Robert Faiz, has over 35 years experience in home remodeling, and if it’s taught him anything, it’s that the customer is always right. No project is complete until the customer is satisfied. Of course, with Robert’s Tile, our customers are happy after the first try. Robert has cultivated a love of home improvement throughout his career and he brings that love to work every day at Robert’s Tile, sharing it with his employees and his customers.

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